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Best paella in Madrid since 1970

Our History

For more than 50 years St. James has been synonymous of quality and good work in Madrid. Since the opening of our first restaurant in Juan Bravo Street, we have always been known for our offer of the best rice dishes in the capital and our excellent Mediterranean cuisine, as well as the attention and service that our customers appreciate. Currently, in addition to our emblematic restaurant on Juan Bravo Street, St. James Restaurants are located on Rosario Pino and Canalejas Streets.

carta canalejas

Eating paella in Madrid

There is no doubt that eating paella in Madrid is a great plan, if you can be guaranteed that it will be of high quality. But is that possible? If you are looking for paella restaurants in Madrid, in St. James we can assure you, thanks to our extensive experience, that in our restaurants you will taste the best food: high quality, carefully cooked and respecting the best cooking techniques. We are waiting for you in our restaurants in Rosario Pino, (in the Chamartín area), in Juan Bravo, (Salamanca district) and in Canalejas, to enjoy paella in the centre of Madrid.