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St. James Rosario Pino Menu

Crispy “Torreznos” from Soria with Mediterranean ratatouille and egg fritter
St.James style mussels
Andalusian-style beach squid with Korean mayonnaise
Marinated octopus, mayonnaise and fried egg
Mellow Iberian ham croquettes with vegetable chips (8 ud)
Roast chicken croquettes with truffle (8 ud)
Russian salad with three tunas (in oil, pickled and tuna cubes), and pickles
Caesar salad with marinated chicken pops and parmesan
Grilled avocado with garlic prawns and caramelized tomatoes
Burrata, salad of three tomatoes, basil and capers
Alaskan salmon carpaccio marinated at home with avocado, ponzu sauce and truffle
Very GaSTro
Bravas potato millefeuille, alioli and chipotle
Cuban sandwich with cochinita pibil
Chinese grilled marinated chicken wings snacks (2 ud)
Crispy wonton snack stuffed with oxtail and quail (4 ud)
Corn burritos with very crunchy pig’s ear, green tomatillo sauce and sweaty onion with habanero (2 ud)
Crispy confit suckling pig samosas with shitakies, two sauces (4 ud)
Lamb’s trotters gyozas Madrid style (4 ud)
Chickpea hummus, green apple, organic yogurt, pomegranates, honey and homemade tortilla chips
Rice St.James (Minimum two people) (Price per person)
Classic a banda rice (Fish, potato and carrot garnish in sauce)
Señoret rice (cuttlefish, mussels, lean meat, chicken, vegetables, prawns)
Seafood paella (cuttlefish , shrimp , prawns, norway lobster clams and mussels)
Mixed paella (chicken, Norway lobster, vegetables, mussels and cuttlefish)
Rice with squid and garlic shoots
Black rice with cuttlefish
Rice with Chicken and Vegetables
Garden paella
Rice with blue lobster (wet or dry)
Seafood fideua Ciudad Gandía (prawns, mussels, cuttlefish, Norway lobster)
Rosegada Fideua (Peeled shellfish with Galician fine clam)
Black fideua with cuttlefish
Chef’s Soupy Rice (clams and prawns) (slightly spicy)
Soupy seafood rice (prawns, clams, mussels, fish)
Creamy rice with boletus mushrooms and foie
Ali oli sauce
Viennese steak in a Parmesan crust, Provençal tomato sauce, arugula and burrata
Grilled matured beef tenderloin
Aged beef burger with provolone, arugula, dried tomato mayonnaise and smoked guanciale
Croaker sambal with pachoy and cassava
Grilled sea bass fillet with royal quinoa and shrimp juice
Caramelized tuna cubes with potato tempura

Our raw pickled or salted fish have been previously frozen for 24 hours at -20ºC

Deluxe potatoes
Grilled vegetables
Mashed potatoes
Caramel Banana Banoffee with Cocoa and Lotus Cookies
Thin apple pie with vanilla ice cream (15 minutes)
Chocolate cupcake (gluten-free) with salted caramel soup and vanilla ice cream
Catalan mango cream with passion ice cream
Puff pastry French toast soaked in homemade baileys with cocoa and ice cream
Ice cream to taste dark chocolate and white chocolate with orange Vanilla Fig Nougat

* VAT prices included. Bread and appetizer price €3.00

New St.James

c/ Alcalá, 12 Galería Canalejas

Phone 91 343 89 40